Feature: Lobbying for Equality


Published in Hispanic Executive Jan/Feb/March 2014

Catherine Pino sat on the steps of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, but her heart was in Los Angeles and her mind somewhere else entirely.

Though she was there for a dinner to fund the Human Rights Campaign, she was still hungry for change yet unrealized. Almost 3,000 miles away, her future partner in life and in labor listened to the craziest but most convincing pitch she’d ever been sold on: “Come away with me,” Pino said over her cell phone. “Let’s change hearts and minds and the world.”

Ten years later, the duo of Pino and Ingrid Duran is doing what it set out to do, one bill, one Latina candidate, and one out member of the LGBT community at a time. D&P Creative Strategies, the government relations and public affairs company they built together has been the vehicle for change. The journey they set out upon in 2004 may have started on the steps of the iconic Hilton hotel, but it has landed them on the steps of the US Capitol …

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