Feature: Leave It to Eva

Published in Hispanic Executive Oct/Nov/Dec 2013

The spike of a black, stiletto pump peeks out of the front row of steel folding chairs.

In the cafeteria of Animo Locke Tech Charter High School, its owner sits among parents anxiously awaiting a graduation ceremony. Soon they will hold certificates proving their dedication to their children’s education, but first, an honored guest will address them. And while there is sure to be publicity about the shoes the commencement speaker stands in as she approaches the podium, the story less often told is the cause she stands for. It seems all of our most beloved celebrities have come-from-nothing stories to share, whether they involve busing tables for tips or the pursuit of the “big break,” and in that respect, Eva Longoria is no different. In high school she worked at a Wendy’s, and the role that launched her acting career was a spot on the soap opera The Young and the Restless. Less often, however, do we hear about stars who return to their roots for more than a ribbon-cutting and a well-timed photo. In this way, Longoria is a líder …

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